say goodbye to paper receipts


how it works

We collect your receipt directly from the Merchant’s sales system. Printing out TAX receipts disappears for them. The receipt data gets automatically delivered from their sales system to the RIP Cloud and is available for you to view in your RIP App - so you don't have to do anything!  


When you pay for something you will code and justify your purchase within the RIP App and then scan your RIP QR code. Your full line by line receipt data (along with your code and comment) will be transferred from the Merchant sales system to our RIP Cloud where your expense report is securely stored. 

walk away

You’re done!

Do you need more?

We also give you a fully automated audit and authorising process. We consolidate your team’s expenses providing a snapshot view, enabling expense data to be viewed at a high level or right down to individual receipts. We provide on demand intelligence for tracking a team’s business expenditure - easy & simple auditing and straight through processing to your accounting system.

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