Who are the crew behind RIP Global?

Behind the cool design, cheeky tone, smart promises of business improvement and hard hitting facts that showcase the benefits of RIP Global, is a team of quick-thinking, customer focused innovators, led by the business’ founder – Melissa Gollan.

Scott Gardiner, lead the MYOB business reinvigoration as the Head of Sales over the past 9 years. Scott says “I worked with Melissa while at MYOB and was first introduced to her as a potential integrated product to MYOB’s software suit. I found Melissa to be very engaging and passionate about what she is trying to achieve at RIP Global and highly motivated to succeed. She is able to form great relationships and make progress far beyond the size of her resource base and I have great faith she will deliver on the ambition she has for RIP.

Mel has had the pleasure of working for, and with a diverse range of businesses – large corporates, small business, charitable ventures and entrepreneurs and she sees first hand the challenge that’s a constant no matter the type, size or nature of business – each of these deal with the pain of managing and maintaining the required levels of compliance, and of managing expenses.  Cue the collective groan. Painful.

Melissa’s extensive experience is centred around delivering exceptional customer experiences, as well as driving excellent financial performance.  This combination of skills and insight led to the founding of RIP Global which addresses both of these business pain points.

She’s complemented her capability with her A team at RIP, and a knowledgeable, respected team of advisors and investors.

Jodie Yeow is RIP’s Chief Operating Officer and complements Mel perfectly with her strong history in leading transformational change, as well as being an excellent HR leader and process expert.

Mel & Jodie are ably supported by Julian Robertshawe, the team’s CIO, who leads the Development and technical team, alongside the office management crew and the design team.

Over the coming months you can expect to see the team showcasing more of their innovation, their capability and their vision for businesses.

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