Digital Vs Automation, whats the Diff?


Manual sux, digital is better, automation is best. Why?

Well, this is the fun bit of delivering a proprietary automated compliance platform for receipt and invoice processing. Every business, every government, everywhere, must process receipts and invoices for compliance.

By automating this process, taking away the required human input, we are removing the tasks that do not serve our customers, our business, OR our country.

Automation is clean, reliable, simple, frictionless and straight through.


Better output, happier more motivated employees, a bit of a moral boost for the team and a better working environment for everyone. Oh, and higher profits for our private folks.

Automation shifts the needle on productivity, higher wages and better living standards. It’s a countries key source of economic growth and competitiveness.

RIP Expenses, proud to supply the NZ Government Marketplace and partner with NZBN.