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Get in touch with us if you have powers to share with us. We are open to your application any time. Please write nadja@ripglobal.com!

What to expect?

  1. Skill Interview: this is where we talk about your profile and expertise, the team and how you would fit into it. This is the fist step to understand if you and RIP are a good fit when it comes down to your skill profile and past work experience.

  2. Cultural fit: If you and RIP fit is largely a matter of cultural fit. This is where we make sure that you and us are a good match when it comes to values, attitudes and personality. This interview might be part of No.1. We will let you know!

  3. Optional - Practical example work: Sometimes and for some roles, it makes sense to look at a candidates work approach. This might be an extra interview, a homework or incorporated into another interview described above)

We need you!

Digital Marketing Manager

Get in touch with nadja@ripglobal.com

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