RIP Expenses - Jump Start

Welcome to RIP Expenses, your first step to saying goodbye to receipts forever. We’re proud to offer our product to market, and as part of our initial launch period, we’re offering a special deal to our early adopters.

We call this RIP Expenses - Jump Start. This is a fully functional expensing solution that provides the power to fully automate the expensing process. For a limited time, this is available for the price of NZD $75 (incl GST) per expense user for a 12 month subscription.

At RIP Global we acknowledge that RIP Expenses - Jump Start is our version of a Minimum Viable Product, so there may be some parts of the product that need improvements. We’re committed to continual development and enhancement of our product over time, so we welcome feedback on what our customers like and dislike about using us. When we are at the point of releasing our enhanced product offering, RIP Expenses - Jump Start customers will have the option to continue their existing subscription; or upgrade to the new version. We anticipate the enhanced version will be available for NZD $180 (incl GST) per expense user per year.

To Register for RIP Expenses - Jump Start, please enter your details below and we will provide you with a payment link so you can get started.