Kiwi Founder selected to present Springboard Enterprises USA at Dell Global Women’s Summit

Our Founder & CEO has been nominated by Springboard USA to represent them at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) summit in Singapore July 2019.

Springboard Enterprises is a trusted network of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors accelerating the success of accomplished, entrepreneurial women leaders leading technology driven companies.

They identify and grow Women Entrepreneurs at the top of the pyramid transforming industries.

“This is truly an amazing opportunity for our NZ based company to form relationships and networks around the world.  I am thrilled at the nomination, and really look forward to meeting some outstanding achievers.”

“We all know the stats around executive and board positions, and fundraising by female lead businesses is woeful in comparison to our male peers – even though the returns from female foundered companies are significantly better.  These events shine a light on the numbers and pull together women around the world that are in a position to shift the needle.”

SelectUSA Investment Summit

CEO & Founder Mel Gollan will be joining the US Ambassador to New Zealand at the SelectUSA Summit in Washington DC this June.

Mel will be working with RIP Global Head of Country USA Mindy Augustine and has been invited to present RIP’s automation solution to several states and potential payment partners.

“RIP Global has extensive IP granted in the US market and after significant interest from product trials in New Zealand, we have been pulled pretty quickly into this market. 

‘We are looking for a payment partner and the opportunities available to us from several different States in the USA.  The product will save the New Zealand Government over $200m per year and eliminate fraud, the numbers are massive applied to the USA. 

‘No Government wants to waste tax payers money and fraud is not acceptable. We have a product that will make an impact and we’re excited to get our US friends on board.”.

Startup Weekend Tairawhiti

CEO & Founder Mel Gollan and CTO Jesse Whitham headed to Turanganui-a-kiwa (Gisborne) to support Startup Weekend Tairawhiti.

Gisborne is home for Mel and where RIP Global was designed, so the city has a special place in Mel’s heart.

“This community deserves the very best we can deliver, and I think it is safe to say all of the mentors, volunteers and members of the community that get behind this initiative really understand this.  It warms my soul to see mentors from out of town say this is a startup weekend with massive mana and spirituality – no surprise to me, and there was a bit of sand in the eyes of a few mentors at then end of the weekend”.

Gisborne is classed as a “high deprivation” zone with shocking stats in mental health, suicide and physical health.

“A number of the ideas pitched were how to help this community with what most areas expect to see as basic rights and services.  Distance from service providers, limited employment and low pay has a huge impact on this community.  The people here have the magic, they have the answers, and they just need a little help in the right areas.”

“We are now working with local community leaders to facilitate the frameworks and templates needed to make a difference in this community. If not us, then who?”

Digital Vs Automation, whats the Diff?

Digital Vs Automation, whats the Diff?


Manual sux, digital is better, automation is best. Why?

Well, this is the fun bit of delivering a proprietary automated compliance platform for receipt and invoice processing. Every business, every government, everywhere, must process receipts and invoices for compliance.

By automating this process, taking away the required human input, we are removing the tasks that do not serve our customers, our business, OR our country.

Automation is clean, reliable, simple, frictionless and straight through.


Better output, happier more motivated employees, a bit of a moral boost for the team and a better working environment for everyone. Oh, and higher profits for our private folks.

Automation shifts the needle on productivity, higher wages and better living standards. It’s a countries key source of economic growth and competitiveness.

RIP Expenses, proud to supply the NZ Government Marketplace and partner with NZBN.

Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening

Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening

What an honour for RIP Global to be invited by Callaghan Innovation to the Annual Royal Society Research Awards evening, held this year at the beautiful Te Papa, Wellington NZ.

An inspiring evening displaying some of the amazing mahi (work) of our humble, talented, dedicated scientists and researchers across the NZ community. The breath of topics, and the depth of the commitment shown by these quiet achievers was inspiring to see. Congratulations to all the nominees, the winners and their whanau (family) for leading the scientific endeavours of our country.

Is coding the new farming?

Is coding the new farming?

The RIP Global office were thrilled to host The Hon. Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education, State Services, and Minister responsible for Ministerial Services and leader of the House.

It was a pleasure to meet with the Minister and discuss the impact a successful, Hi-Technology sector will have on our country economically, socially and environmentally. What we need to do together to future-proof our country.

When the top ten Hi-Tech companies around the world are generating revenues of USD$200-750b, we know we MUST take our seat at the technology table. We MUST muscle up as a country, work as a team, and be committed to getting our country into the lucrative technology game.

What is the New Zealand challenge? Capital, and big customer validation.

Our Hi-Tech exports total NZD$2b. I want NZD$200b, do you?

Most of the big businesses are foreign owned/managed, the hands of the local leaders around technology decisions are pretty much tied – this is why the support from the Labour-led coalition government is critical to building a successful, sustainable exporting machine.

New Zealand has recently slid down the Global Innovation index published by WIPO. This is hugely alarming given technology is the industry of the future – do we have a “hair on fire” problem, about to affect the long term success of our country?

Technology can be built by anyone, anywhere. Wellington, Whangarei, Tolaga Bay or Taupo. University educated or not – technology doesn’t care who you are, or where you’ve come from.

Kiwi’s are just as smart, just as driven, just as ambitious as anyone else. This presents a great opportunity for the Labour-led government to build a framework that supports and promotes NZ Tech innovation to the world.

So let’s imagine if Google was a Kiwi company? What would our communities look like then….?

Coding is the new farming, so let’s #eatwhatwegrow #supportkiwibusiness