Built for Real Humans by Real Humans


RIP Global is a New Zealand based technology company, we have built and patented a platform to automate customer processing of receipts, invoices, and payment reconciliation – a world first.

We are a team of people who have real world experience and a set of old fashioned service values. We know exactly the pain and stress Bookkeeping and Expense Reporting causes because we’ve been doing these tasks ourselves for over 20 years.

You like real service and work very hard – so we’ve built our solution with you in mind. Nothing beats doing nothing, and when it comes to Bookkeeping and Expensing, that’s exactly what we’re offering you.



Let us do the stuff you just don’t want to!  We can do as much or as little as you want:


Let us do the stuff you just don’t want to! We can do as much or as little as you want:

Collect your invoices & receipts from your merchants and suppliers

Reconcile your bank statement data (without you touching a button)

Match your merchant on account invoices to their statement

Payment of your accounts

Invoicing, auto population so you don’t miss a thing


No more scanning, multi handling of the same invoices or dead administration time, we can:


Collect your receipts & invoices directly from your merchants

Allow for coding and justification of purchase at merchants – one touch done & dusted

Reconcile bank data to the corresponding receipt or invoice (without touching a button)

Tamper-proof, fraud resistant with on demand auditing power


We want to help you too, spend less and sell more! You’ll become a hero to your customers too.


No re-prints of lost or damaged invoices

Eliminate the need to mail out invoices or statements

Consolidated invoicing for national operations

Solution imbedded into your existing POS system at no cost