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+ How do I use the RIP QR Code Scanner correctly to make sure I don’t need to collect a paper receipt?

The first step is to open your RIP app, select an expense code, and then add a comment for justification. Then, just hold the QR code on your phone screen in front of the scanner, and you’re done! You can now pay for your expenses in whatever way you like.

Tip to ensure everything works as it should: make sure the brightness on your phone is set high enough, so the scanner can read the QR Code.

+ What happens if there is no RIP scanner at the merchant I am spending at?

Some merchants haven’t yet connected a RIP Scanner. Not a problem! We have a Plan B! You will need to pay for your expense first, then request a paper receipt. At this point, we recommend you complain loudly that there is no RIP scanner available to remove the need for this hassle. You then take a photo of the receipt in your RIP app. You add your expense code, and comment, and submit and unfortunately you have to keep that receipt until it is valid. We will then use our bespoke technology to transfer the information on the paper receipt to data in your RIP Lockbox for reconciliation and approval.

+ What should I do if the QR code scan fails?

While we don’t anticipate this happening, should there be any issue with the QR code scan there is always Plan B available as described above. Please let us know if this happens ( so we can identify where any bugs may be occurring, and fix them promptly.

+ How can I quickly access my most commonly used expense codes?

When you search for an expense code in the RIP app, you have the option of tapping the star symbol on the right of the screen. This makes that code a Favourite, and your list of Favourites will appear immediately when you open the app.

+ What if I need to charge my expense to a different cost centre or project team?

These options will be created as part of your organisation’s set up process. As a user you will have the ability to choose these options to apply to your expenses.

+ How can I track the status of my receipt upload via the RIP Expenses Mobile App?

We will display a list of the receipts that have been uploaded into your Lockbox during any given month. The status of each receipt will be shown so you can see how your upload is tracking:

  1. If you can see the $ amount of your receipt - the upload has been successful and you can get rid of the paper receipt.
  2. If a receipt is showing as Pending - it is yet to be processed
  3. If a receipt is showing as Invalid - the image needs to be resent to us.

To do this follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the receipt to find out the reason why RIP can’t process your receipt upload;
  2. To upload a new image of the receipt, select View Image;
  3. Select Capture/Pick Image and then select from Pick from Gallery or Take a photo and select your image;
  4. Select Save/Upload Image.

+ What are some reasons why RIP might confirm my mobile upload as invalid?

Some of the common reasons why RIP is unable to process a mobile app upload include:

You have uploaded a photo of a payment receipt (i.e. eftpos receipt) and not a GST receipt.

Some of the receipt details required have not been captured in your photo.

The photo is not clear.

+ How do I find restaurants, bars, cafes and shops which are RIP enabled?

That is easy - just have a look within your RIP app in the Merchants screen to see the nearest merchants.

+ I have a merchant I am visiting regularly which is not RIP enabled. How do I get them on board?

Fill out our ‘I want this merchant’ form and we will start putting the pressure on. Please also tell your merchant that you would love to use RIP at their place and happily pass over our details to him/her.

+ We have a new employee - how do I create a new User in RIP Expenses?

Please refer to our Administrator support page

+ How do I delete an old User?

Please refer to our Administrator support page

+ How do I know when I have an expense report to process or approve?

When you log in to the RIP Web Application, you’ll see a bell shaped image in the menu bar at the top of the screen. If you have an expense(s) that needs addressing in any way, the bell will be highlighted. Clicking on the bell displays notifications informing you that you have expenses you need to address.

+ Once I have approved an expense report, where does it go next?

If an expense has been fully approved, and RIP is integrated with your Accounting Software, the expense will automatically export into the Accounting Software.

If RIP isn’t directly integrated with your Accounting Software, the Expense will sit in the Approvals screen with an Approved message in green under the Expense Approval column. You can click the Export to CSV button at the top of the screen to create a CSV file of all the Expenses ready to upload into your Accounting Software.

BankLink forms part of a suite of solutions from MYOB. They work with over 100 banks and financial institutions throughout New Zealand and Australia to electronically supply reliable, accurate and timely transaction data. They store all of your bank details and pride themselves on the security of data and PCI compliance.

+ Do I have to set up bank feeds?

Your company will confirm if your RIP account will have the reconciliation feature or not. If you have a reconciled RIP Expenses account, your company’s Account Manager will work with you to set up your bank feeds authorisation. If you are using your own personal account for business expenses then your company may decide it doesn’t require your expenses to be reconciled before they are authorised.

+ Who processes the setup of my bank feeds and how long will it take to process?

RIP and your company’s Account Manager work together to facilitate the setup, and any change, of your bank feeds account. You need to allow up to 15 business days for your bank to process your request.

+ Does RIP Global need to see my credit card number?

No, RIP Global will never see your credit card number. Your users will upload their details directly to Banklink, who will provide RIP Global with a unique identifying code that links back to each credit card. The credit card data is handled and stored securely by Banklink.

+ How often will bank feeds update?

Most major NZ banks work to a daily frequency. To find the frequency for your bank please click here

+ How do I change my nominated bank account for bank feeds?

If you have a reconciled RIP Expenses account, and need to change the account used for bank feeds, please contact your company’s Account Manager to facilitate any change.

+ Do I have to opt in to the navigation service and share my location details?

No, you have the choice. If you don't give permission to this service, or permission for RIP to access your location information, you will still be able to view all RIP’ed Merchants but they won’t be shown on a map for your convenience.

+ What if I don’t agree to providing my location information?

If you don't give permission to this service you will still be able to view all RIP’ed Merchants, however, you will not be able to see which Merchants are closest to your current location.

+ Can I change my mind and opt out of the mobile location service after I’ve already opt in?

Yes, at any point you can change the RIP Expenses application settings on your mobile device via your devices Application Management Settings, selecting RIP Expenses and disabling location services.

+ How long is my location information stored for?

Given this service is available from your phone, and not provided by RIP Global, we do not collect or store your location information. You will need to review the Privacy Policies of the navigation service provider set up in your mobile device to understand how & for how long they store your location information and who and why they share it for.

+ What is the “Admin User”?

Within RIP Expenses we define four user roles. The role the user is assigned to determines the functionality the user is able to access.

One user can be assigned up to four roles. These roles are:

A User is someone who spends/creates expenses.

An Expense Authoriser can view, edit, and authorise their assigned team’s receipts.

An Account Manager can set up and manage the company’s RIP Expenses account including:

The company’s expense organisation structure

The company’s expense authorisation hierarchy

Managing and adding users

Managing bank feeds (if applicable)

The Admin User sits above all the other three roles, and has full permissions to make changes to all parts of your company’s RIP account. Security best practice is for this role to not be assigned to any one individual person - the reason being that it leaves the organisation vulnerable to the effects of phishing attacks.

We care about your company's data and cyber security. That’s why the Admin User has two login options. If you are the company Administrator, please only login as the Admin User when you need to change settings such as Accounting Integrations, User Permissions and Roles, or view the account audit logs. You should logout once you have ended this Admin session. For your own expenses management as a User of RIP Expenses, please login using your personal user profile (this will be linked to your mobile number). Following these guidelines will reduce cyber-security risks for your company using RIP.

The Admin User is the profile to use when going through the initial set up process as it has full permissions.


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