Touch free receipt & invoice processing!

RIP Bookkeeper (Coming Soon)

No more paperwork and processing! Despite all the fancy cloud technology and the whiz bang blah blah, we’re STILL doing paperwork.

RIP decided to take a stand and say no more – we’d had enough! So we rolled up our sleeves, and built a better solution so we’d never EVER have to touch another piece of paper again.

RIP Expenses

Well, it shouldn’t be rocket science. We can code and justify at point of sale – bingo, no more processing!  Your invoice or receipt is sent from the merchants’ system to your Lockbox, we reconcile your payment data and it’s done!  All available to view on demand by your management.  No scanning, no collecting, no processing.

RIP Invoice

When you’re on the job and buying items for on-charging we can make sure nothing get’s missed or lost.  Consolidated invoicing, automated invoice creation are a few of the ways to really use some good technology to make our lives easier.

How does it work? We admit it, it is too simple!

What is a Lockbox*?

It’s the secure location inside our RIP Cloud where we store all of your receipts, invoices statements and bank data.  You can change codes and comments here and release invoices for payment.  No one can access this except you or your authorised company administrator.

* Fair use – ok here’s the deal: we have to pay your bank for your transactional data. Most of them charge per line so we have based our pricing calculations on around 50 transactions per customer per month. We will keep a look out for this as some months you’ll be over and some you’ll be under so we reckon it’ll all wash up. If it is consistently over we will have to forward the extra charges. Sorry, we hate the shifting goal posts too.

Built with you in mind …

Business Owners

Let us do the stuff you just don’t want to!  We can do as much or as little as you want:

  • Collect your invoices & receipts from your merchants and suppliers
  • Reconcile your bank statement data (without you touching a button)
  • Match your merchant on account invoices to their statement
  • Payment of your accounts
  • Invoicing, auto population so you don’t miss a thing

Corporate Expenses

No more scanning, multi handling of the same invoices or dead administration time, we can:

  • Collect your receipts & invoices directly from your merchants
  • Allow for coding and justification of purchase at merchants – one touch done & dusted
  • Reconcile bank data to the corresponding receipt or invoice (without touching a button)
  • Tamper-proof, fraud resistant with on demand auditing power

Hero Merchants

We want to help you too, spend less and sell more!  You’ll become a hero to your customers too.

  • No re-prints of lost or damaged invoices
  • Eliminate the need to mail out invoices or statements
  • Consolidated invoicing for national operations
  • Solution imbedded into your existing POS system at no cost

Seriously good solution

RIP uses proprietary, patented systems and technology to gather and deliver all the data you need automatically and electronically.  No extra hardware required!

RIP use industry standard authentication and authorisation processes to ensure your data is kept private and secure.  Only you have access to your data.

We don’t dictate – if you want to buy your business stuff with a credit card, cheque, debit, cash or on account, or a combination of them all it’s up to you, we’ll catch your paperwork however you buy.

RIP Global – who are we?

We are a team of people who have real world experience and a set of old fashioned service values.  We know exactly the pain and stress Bookkeeping and Expense Reporting causes because we’ve been doing these tasks ourselves for over 20 years.


We know you all do things in your own way, want to buy stuff using a number of different payment methods?


Want us to feed your Bookkeeping data into your accounting solution for you, so you don’t have to?


Want us to send it to your accountant?


Want us to store it for you?

You like real service and work very hard – so we’ve built our solution with you in mind.   Nothing beats doing nothing, and when it comes to Bookkeeping and Expensing, that’s exactly what we’re offering you, we got this.

Remember the good Ol’ days? We have real people waiting to help you!

Do you have a question or opinion? Let us know!

RIP Global

Wellington, NZ

Phone: 0800RIPDONE4
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