Touch free receipt & invoice processing!

Receipt & invoice processing, the universally most hated task performed by every business of every size – now we’ve got the tool to end it.

It’s finally over.

We don’t want you to pay or do anything – if you would like to offer RIP to your customers or use it yourself give us a shout – this is where modern technology meets old fashioned service, and we know hero merchants like you know about service.

RIP, helping merchants build loyal and happy clients.

Seriously good solution

RIP uses proprietary, patented systems and technology to gather and deliver all the data you need automatically and electronically.  No extra hardware required!

RIP use industry standard authentication and authorisation processes to ensure your data is kept private and secure.  Only you have access to your data.

We don’t dictate – if you want to buy your business stuff with a credit card, cheque, debit, cash or on account, or a combination of them all it’s up to you, we’ll catch your paperwork however you buy.

Remember the good Ol’ days? We have real people waiting to help you!

Do you have a question or opinion? Let us know!

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