• No more paperwork and processing!

    Despite all the fancy cloud technology and the whiz bang blah blah, we’re STILL doing paperwork. RIP decided to take a stand and say no more - we’d had enough!

    So we rolled up our sleeves, and built a better solution so we'd never EVER have to touch another piece of paper again.

  • Step 1: Buy stuff

    The merchant records your comment and job number / GL code in their point of sale software. A digital copy of your receipt is instantly sent to your online RIP Lockbox* and automatically reconciled if it matches your bank statement.

    Forget manual processing – if you paid by cash, credit, debit or cheque that's your accounts processing done!

    *The RIP Lockbox is your secure cloud box for all of your stuff.

  • Step 2: Tag & Release

    If you're buying on-account you can review comments, codes and approve purchases for payment directly from your RIP Lockbox online, anywhere, anytime.

    Everything else is automatically taken care of.

  • Step 3: Get back to work

    We've built a system where we do everything and you do nothing.

    No paper, no processing, no bull.

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Launching soon – watch this space

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